Iron Bug's Friendica message

What happened to Iron Bug's Friendica?

It became minimalistic! No, not really :)

Shit happens. But nothing catastrophic.

Just MariaDB update fucked up Friendica DB internal data in its own service files and afterall the daemon segfaulted on these broken files (sick!).
And the backup was made quite long ago (as it usually happens). It's my fault I updated software without full backup of data on server. But usually version change wasn't that brutal.

But I've got full binary logs. The data can be re-entered from full logs, since 2019, but slowly. The restore will take from 1 to 5 days (cannot say for sure, it's my approximation). So wait some time, I'll be back online in a week :)

I have some spare time to get back to my AP realization and enjoying the real life :)

P.S. Don't install newest MariaDB versions before you backup all SQL data. It does some evil shit to tables that cannot be easily fixed.
P.P.S. And yes, it's better to use Postgres, if possible.

Sincerely, Iron Bug